WEBINAR: Exploring the Power of Data with Rock-Pond Reporting and CPR+ Analytics

Thursday, October 8, 2015; 12:00 CST, 1:00 EST

                      Erika Evans

Are you searching for new ways to explore the data you currently have while streamlining cumbersome reporting tasks? With CPR+ Analytics and Rock-Pond reporting, you have access to new tools that create custom reports specific to your business in real time. You can easily identify metrics within your data that can make you work smarter and increase output.

Don’t miss this opportunity to see how you can efficiently manage your reporting and data analytics!

This presentation will help you:

  • Understand how CPR+ Analytics and Rock-Pond reporting work together to streamline your data reporting needs
  • Identify how you can maximize productivity with integrated dashboards
  • Analyze the importance of data-driven decision making
  • Uncover how you can use automation to fulfill endless payer and manufacturer requirements

Join Mediware account executive Erika Evans as she identifies how using your data in new ways can save time and improve efficiency with CPR+ Analytics and Rock-Pond reporting.

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