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Tip Sheet: Five Strategies to get More Value out of Reporting


In today’s world, data is everywhere; in fact, there is so much data that it can feel overwhelming at times. The good news is that there are tools to help us manage that wealth of data and harness its power to provide insight.

In your rehab practice, are you making the most of your data? Are you able to dig into the metrics to gain a clear view of what’s working and what isn’t, so you can adjust as needed while also ensuring compliance and top-notch patient care? For most of us, there’s room for improvement in our data analytics and reporting.

Download the tip sheet for five strategies to get more value out of reporting.

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Tip Sheet: Six Billing KPIs You Should Be Tracking

outpatient rehab billingAccording to the principles of the Hawthorne effect, that which you pay attention to improves. Therefore, if you focus on some specific key performance indicators, you could see some improvement in those areas.

Here are a few KPIs that most practices should be tracking — both monthly and year to date (YTD).

Download the tip sheet: 6 Billing KPIs You Should Be Tracking

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