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Useful Resources for Understanding the IRF-PAI 2017

As October 1 approaches and with it the new requirements associated with the IRF-PAI 2017, organizations must get up to speed with the details. For many organizations, this is a daunting learning curve. The natural tendency is to find someone who can “just tell me what to do.”

We recommend the following five resources as a great starting point to become familiar with the new requirements:

CMS has also published the materials from the May 18-19 training session in Dallas, Texas. You can find them under “Downloads” at the bottom of the page and review them to gain insight into the training, which was conducted last month.

In addition, at Mediware, we’ve been working closely with our clients to help them through the learning process. Over the course of the last few months, we’ve already conducted five webinars to help our clients get ready (and have even more planned for the months ahead). We have recommended these resources to all our clients and think the resources are an excellent foundation for any IRF to start the learning process.

If you’ve already read the materials and think you need a partner to help you manage the change (software, content, configuration, and workflow), give us a call at 480-555-1212  We would be happy to connect with you and have one of our IRF specialists discuss how we could be of value.

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