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Reduce no-shows with automated appointment reminders sent from AppointmentsEverywhere

Send texts, phone calls and emails without lifting a finger!

SpectraSoft automated appointment reminders are a great way to reduce patient no-shows. You can customize your messages to include the day, time, name of provider and other important information. Or suppress data when appointments are of a private nature.

Use a multi-prong approach to reduce no-shows more effectively

Multiple reminders do more to reduce no-shows than a single message that might not be remembered. SpectraSoft lets you combine texts, phone calls and emails, to create the most effective reminder system possible.

Eliminate common problems

You can also include important information in your reminder message: your cancellation policy, specific instructions based on the appointment type, reminder to bring insurance information and more. This reduces wait times and enhances patient satisfaction.


Reach people the first place they look — their phone!


Raise your contact rate with evening calls!


Send detailed messages that are easy to act on!

Reach each patient in the most effective way possible

During the patient intake process, your patients can choose to receive any combination of reminders. So they always know what they are getting and you know you are respecting your patients’ privacy.

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