Schedule patients in seconds

You can make appointments with a simple right-click, or drag-and-drop them from one time slot to another. Then see your schedule with convenient daily, weekly or monthly views.

Store data with the appointment

In addition to basic appointment details, Mediware Scheduling lets you include:

  • The diagnosis or procedure;
  • Instructions for the patient;
  • PC files like a jpeg or a PDF;
  • Scanned paper files.

You don’t even have to open the appointment to see most of this data — simply hover over the appointment on the scheduling grid.


Appointments on the scheduling grid can be color-coded based on the procedure or diagnosis. New patients can also be highlighted with a unique color. If you prefer, manually choose a color for any appointment.

Collect patient info
quickly, accurately

A simple yet detailed patient intake screen allows you to track insurance coverage, authorized visits, referring physicians, responsible parties and much more.

Book recurring visits easily

Any system can schedule repeat visits at the same day and time each week — but what do you do when a patient needs to come in for 10 visits…see three clinicians each time…in a busy schedule where the same time slot is not always available?

Mediware Scheduling makes quick work of these complex appointments with the ‘Find Appointment’ feature. You simply enter the appointment requirements and in seconds you get a list of options that meet your needs. Then schedule all those appointments with just one click.

Productivity tracking

AppointmentsEverywhere tracks patient treatment times, clinicians hours and resource utilization — all on the scheduling grid! The system can alert you when you’re behind goals in any of these areas. This is ideal for inpatient rehab facilities that must track the 3-Hour Rule…private practices with major  investments in equipment…or managers who need to optimize staff productivity.


Electronic whiteboard

Keep everyone on schedule with an enterprise-wide, big-screen display of the schedule. Broadcast on TVs throughout your hospital in a HIPAA-compliant format, the scheduling grid is updated in real time. This eliminates human error and conflicts caused when people make changes to a traditional white board. Plus everything is tracked — ideal for reporting and management.

Drag and drop scheduling

You can change the time, date or resource for an appointment simply by dragging it to the appropriate place on the grid. Drag-and-drop works on the daily, weekly and monthly view.

Check-in screen

A helpful front desk screen helps your staff work smarter. Mark patients as: pending, arrived, seen, canceled or no-show. You can also collect co-pays and see the details of the appointment from this screen.

Wait list

The wait list pops up automatically when a patient cancels an appointment, displaying a list of patients who would like to be scheduled in that slot.

Recall list

The recall list makes it easy to schedule patients for recurring visits like annual checkups.

Advanced procedure/
protocol scheduling

You can define a procedure or protocol that includes a series of events with multiple staff, rooms and equipment, then schedule everything with one click.

Patient column

See your patient’s schedule on the grid alongside treating clinicians. This is ideal for inpatient or ABA settings, where patient availability is limited.



"You have a really wonderful product, matched only by your service. Can’t tell you how pleased we have been with all aspects of the software and your company. Thanks again for everything!"
Julie T. Anné, Ph.D., Founder & Clinical Director, A New Beginning, LLC