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Boost patient traffic with social media

referrals-thumbThe Internet has completely changed how people research information online. Patients are more tech-savvy and are able to look up medical conditions, treatment options and healthcare providers for themselves or loved ones. In order to be competitive and keep in front of this growing population of tech-savvy patients you need to have online content that speaks to them and engages them in a variety of ways.
Internet Marketing Specialist Samuel Awosolu, PT discusses how to use a blog as a marketing platform to attract patient referrals. He also discusses tools that engage patients on your social media networks and build stronger relationships. You’ll become a trusted source to patients seeking information about their conditions, possible treatments and who would be appropriate healthcare providers for their illness.

  • How to use a blog to increase traffic to your website.
  • How to effectively network with other healthcare providers on social media to increase new patient referral sources.
  • Simple strategies to use Facebook.
  • How to promote your practice with a YouTube video
  • How to use specific “call to actions” in your online content to drive patients to your clinic/facility.

Samuel Awosolu is a licensed physical therapist with a background in marketing, Web and mobile development. He has written articles for Advance Magazine, PT Products Online and numerous industry magazines and blogs. He has helped many physical therapists and other healthcare providers promote their websites, increase online traffic generation, develop new patient referral strategies and merge offline and online marketing campaigns. You can learn more at


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