Schedule faster and streamline your front desk

Your front desk faces many responsibilities every time a pet patient comes through your door. Mediware helps your veterinary and animal hospital staff get it right every time, for every animal.

Schedule animals in seconds

Make appointments with a simple right-click, or drag-and-drop them from one time slot to another. Optional protocol scheduling lets you book common multi-step procedures (i.e. complete wellness check, new animal protocol) in one click.

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streamline your practice.

Collect animal and owners info quickly, accurately

A simple yet detailed patient intake screen allows you to track insurance coverage, authorized visits, referring physicians, responsible parties and much more.

Boost team productivity

The built-in notification system automatically alerts Veterinarians  when a pet patient has arrived, with a visual or text alert. A workflow manager lets you assign tasks to staff and monitor completion.

Automate repetitive tasks

You can add modules to automatically send appointment reminders each day by text,
phone or email. You can also export your schedule to Outlook and scan/save paper files to make your practice paperless and efficient.

Connect all your practice locations

Centralized scheduling over the Internet is free and effortless! You can set appointments and track performance at your other locations as if you were there yourself. The system eliminates scheduling conflicts and errors that often occur when veterinarians practice in multiple offices.

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