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“I can’t imagine running the clinic without it. The scheduling module is light years ahead of anything else that I have seen.”

Brian Nelson MD, Founder, Physicians Neck & Back

“This is a great scheduling program. I highly recommend its use to those in the ABA field.”

Karen Conway   Ph.D., B.C.B.A.

The Conway Agency

“I used to perform all of my reports by hand with a calculator, a pencil and paper. Using the Mediware software has probably cut that time in half.”

Diana Cullinan   PT, Clinic Manager

AZ NovaCare

“We selected Mediware after reviewing several software vendors because of the flexibility of the program and ease of use for our end users.”

Scott Johnson   Chief Information Officer

Community Care, Inc.

“I called Customer Service to get a particular report working, and within the same day, they were able to give me a similar report that was even closer to what I wanted. And that was before we even went live!”

Vicki Williams   Business Analyst

Jefferson Center for Mental Health

“The text messaging works beautifully. In fact it paid for itself the first day: we had two patients say they would have missed their appointment if they hadn’t gotten the text message.”

Trevor Powell

Illinois Dermatology Institute, LLC

“The interface Mediware developed works seamlessly with our hospital system. Now our departments have scheduling capabilities and access to information they never had before. Mediware helped us transition from our old system quickly and easily, which increased the ROI on our decision.”

Terry Shelton   Network Resource Manager

UCSF Medical Center

“When we asked Mediware to interface our scheduling with the hospital’s IT system, the difference was amazing the moment we went live. All the patient data from our hospital system came over perfectly.”

Donna Gorton-Childers   PT Director

Thomas Memorial Hospital

“The speed and efficiency has changed our department. There’s no more double-entry needed, which is a huge relief to our staff. Once the IT team saw it, they understood immediately how it made so much sense.”

Donna Gorton-Childers   PT Director

Thomas Memorial Hospital

“One of our best decisions was installing an integrated scheduling and documentation system from Mediware the day we opened. We investigated several software systems and chose Mediware because it was the best value for the money.”

Dean Bessas, PT   Director

Natomas Physical Therapy

“DocuPRO allows us to work with tablet PCs and a wireless network. We can take the tablet with us during treatment, open the appropriate template and click through the case as we work with a patient. When we’re finished, DocuPRO instantly prints a summary report.”

Dean Bessas, PT   Director

Natomas Physical Therapy

“In most cases, the report is faxed to the referring physician as the patient leaves our office. This responsiveness has helped us build a loyal referral network, which is a big reason for our fast growth.”

Dean Bessas, PT   Director

Natomas Physical Therapy

“Mediware integrates with MediTech, so when patients are entered in the hospital system, their demographic data pushes over automatically — there’s no double entry and we can schedule with a system that gives us the outpatient features we need.”

Misty Brant   Office Supervisor

Montrose Memorial Hospital

“Our 30 therapists do NO scheduling, which leaves more time for patient care. Everyone can see the schedule at our four locations, which makes it easy for therapists who work at more than one place.”

Misty Brant   Office Supervisor

Montrose Memorial Hospital

“Before Mediware, we used a humongous book. We couldn’t keep track of which patients were supposed to be in which rooms. Now it’s so much better. We see the schedule for each room and resource, so it’s always clean and ready to go when the patient arrives.”

Misty Brant   Office Supervisor

Montrose Memorial Hospital

“In my 20 years of medical work, Mediware is the easiest scheduling system to learn and use. Our new people can get up to speed quickly, which saves our hospital time and money.”

Maria King   Rehab Tech

Hayes Green Beach Hospital

“It has made a tremendous impact on our scheduling here. It’s made life a lot easier. I can train someone on how to use it in probably 15 or 20 minutes. It’s a very easy program to use.”

Bethany Bradshaw   Office Coordinator

AZ NovaCare

“Without Mediware, we would not have the speed, accuracy or revenue needed to implement our fitness program. It is spectacular software that allows us to easily book clients, cross sell our services and fill vacancies that otherwise would have been lost.”

Brent Kraushar   Owner

Interlude and Spa

“You guys have the best customer service and technical support that I’ve ever seen.”

Becky Kennedy   Clinical Manager

Virgin Valley Physical Therapy

“We’ve used Mediware products forever. The greatest thing is their support!”

Connie Richardson   Office Manager

Therapy Works

“AppointmentsPRO has been the most stable piece of software that I have ever used and does everything that we need. Thanks for a great product!”

Mike Kane, P.T.   Administrator

Associated Therapeutics, Inc.

“In the 5 years that we’ve used AppointmentsES, we’ve grown from 60 therapists and 100 patients per day to one with 80 therapists and 120 patients a day. Although the workload is a lot to juggle, we’ve never had to increase our scheduling staff beyond 1.75 full-time employees.”

Christopher Lee   PT, MSPT, Director of Rehabilitation Operations

Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital

“Our reception staff loves the ease of use of the system we have, and the counselors like the fact that they can book appointments themselves.”

Dr. Greg Snodgrass   Director

Southwest Texas State University

“When you are as complex as we are, the last thing you want to do is to take a lot of time to get people scheduled. We need to move people through the facility quickly and AppointmentsPRO helps us do that.”

Blake Gillman   Director

Spire Wellness Institute, LLC (now Endurance Rehabilitation, LLC)

“Mediware organizes us like it’s nobody’s business! Now I can see exactly what’s going on at our 3 locations, which makes managing a lot easier. Thanks to DocuPRO, everybody is keeping up with their notes and people can leave on time. We used to waste hours tracking down charts — and if a patient had to travel to our pool facility, there was no way to get the chart there. Now it’s all very easy.”

Chris Campillii, PT   Owner

Center for Physical Therapy

“It’s one of the most straightforward options I’ve seen. I really like the integrated scheduling-documentation approach. It gives me everything I need without being too complicated to use.”

Ann Hodel   MSPT, Owner

Bodywise Physical Therapy

“By contrast, I recently visited a similarly sized hospital that requires four people to manage the same scheduling volume.”

Christopher Lee   PT, MSPT, Director of Rehabilitation

Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital

“After just three months, the time to schedule an appointment dropped from 15 minutes to three…”

Ross Lesins   Director, Information Systems

Casa Colina Centers for Rehabilitation

“Training time for new employees was cut from one week to 2-3 hours…”

Ross Lesins   Director, Information Systems

Casa Colina Centers for Rehabilitation

“Our clinicians no longer schedule follow-ups for their patients — this has freed up time for them to complete their documentation and move on to other patients.”

Ross Lesins   Director, Information Systems

Casa Colina Centers for Rehabilitation

“We have gone from seeing 300 patients per week to between 800 and 1,000, yet the increased efficiency allowed us to add only one additional scheduling position…”

Ross Lesins   Director, Information Systems

Casa Colina Centers for Rehabilitation

“Since TAI began using DocuPRO, our average charge per visit grew 47 percent, while collections per visit grew 25 percent. DocuPRO helped standardize our charge capture process and promoted consistent application of documentation and coding rules in all locations.”

Todd Gifford   PT, MSPT, ATC

Therapeutic Associates, Inc.

“AppointmentsCS allows us to view all of our locations and offer patients our first available appointment from all perspectives. It also allows the managers to float staff appropriately based on patient volumes and when staff call in ill.”

Brigette Krief   Quality Control and Process Improvement Specialist

Sparrow Health System

“We have used AppointmentsPRO for the past 5 years with great results! We are able to stay more organized and efficient in our front office. Thank you Mediware! ”

Dave Townsend   MPT, Owner

Santa Rosa Physical Therapy

“Mediware has always been really easy to work with. The support is awesome! Their bidirectional Meditech interface runs very smoothly. It reduces patient wait times and makes our very busy providers more productive — and that makes our hospital more profitable.”

Carlos Lovera   Director of Information Technology

Montrose Memorial Hospital

“You have a really wonderful product, matched only by your service. Can’t tell you how pleased we have been with all aspects of the software and your company. Thanks again for everything!”

Julie T. Anné   Ph.D., Founder/ Clinical Director

A New Beginning, LLC

“Mediware is very easy to use and exactly what we needed”

Deb Pratt   Assoc. Director of Administration

University of Chicago

“I like it because it didn’t cost that much and it’s very flexible. I am able to change all the fields and set whatever time intervals I want. So many other products won’t let you do that. I can track how many lessons the client has paid for and used. It’s great.”

Jim Mercer   Manager

Mini Mountain

“AppointmentsPRO makes us a lot more organized. We tried the scheduler attached to the billing software but didn’t like it.”

Travis Smith   Owner-Practitioner

Sacramento Spine & Physical Therapy

“I can’t imagine running the clinic without it. The scheduling module is light years ahead of anything else that I have seen.”

Brian Nelson MD   Founder

Physicians Neck & Back

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