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St. Joseph’s Hospital


The Impact of Mediware

Since the implementation of Mediware Scheduling, Saint Joseph’s Outpatient Rehabilitation Program has been able to:

  • Quickly adapt to an electronic scheduling environment;
  • Eliminate scheduling errors and significantly improve patient satisfaction;
  • Gain greater insight into appointment no-shows and cancellation trends.

A Challenging Environment

Scheduling patients for St. Joseph’s Outpatient Rehabilitation team was a challenge at best. The front desk staff used four large appointment books to schedule patients between the various therapy services.

Scheduling appointments between the four appointment books was time consuming and complicated. This caused a lot of issues with patient service and satisfaction.

Schedulers had to always pay extra close attention when making changes and make sure they were moving appointments to the right time slot, the right book and the right therapist.

On many occasions, human errors occurred as schedulers manually entered new appointments into the books, or moved appointments when a patient needed to reschedule.

Tracking Patient Compliance

Additionally, it was nearly impossible to keep track of appointment no-shows and cancellations. The only way to get an idea of how many patients cancelled, and why they cancelled, was by manually flipping through the books and counting the missed appointments.

St. Joseph’s Outpatient Rehabilitation team recognized the need for a change to their scheduling process and decided to implement an electronic scheduling system in their clinic.

“We are a busy hospital-based clinic. We could not continue scheduling the high volume of patients we see on paper and achieve the efficiency we needed,” stated Dr. L.A. Campbell, Manager for Outpatient Rehab Services, St. Joseph’s Outpatient Rehabilitation Program.

Scheduling on a Whole New Level

Shortly after St. Joseph’s Outpatient Rehabilitation implemented the Mediware Scheduling solution in their busy facility, they noticed significant improvements in their overall scheduling process. The scheduling staff gained the efficiency they had been looking for and patient satisfaction improved considerably.

Easy-to-Learn, Efficient

Mediware Scheduling is designed with the end user in mind. Schedulers at St. Joseph’s Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility quickly learned the new system and were up and running in no time.

“Our schedule is so much cleaner now with Mediware. We’ve eliminated errors and our patients are much happier!”

The new process has proven to be highly effective. According to Dr. Campbell, “Now, our schedulers no longer waste time waiting around for an appointment book to become free. The schedule is conveniently there and ready to go whenever a patient needs to be scheduled.”

Goodbye Scheduling Errors

Another notable improvement St. Joseph’s Outpatient Rehabilitation noticed is in patient satisfaction. “When we were scheduling on paper, our schedulers were spending up to three hours a day handling patient complaints because of scheduling malfunctions.

With Mediware Scheduling, our patient complaint volume related to scheduling has gone down to zero,” confirmed Campbell. Schedulers now have a clean view of the entire clinic’s schedule. As a result, the occurrences of human errors have been eliminated and patients are satisfied.

Color-Coded Appointments

The color-coded functionality in Mediware Scheduling provides the visual clarity the busy scheduling staff needs. Appointments are color-coded based on the service area allowing schedulers to efficiently schedule multi-service appointments.

Additionally, therapists no longer have to flip through pages in an appointment book to see their schedule for the day.

“Mediware Scheduling is so visually appealing and easy to read. It really helps our schedulers coordinate multi-service appointments and keeps our therapists up-to-date as the schedule changes throughout the day,” stated Campbell.

Tracking No-shows

With Mediware Scheduling, St. Joseph’s Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility has gained deeper insight into appointment no-shows and cancellation trends. Schedulers can now easily keep track of the number of missed appointments and see trends for when and why a patient is cancelling or missing appointments.

Mediware Scheduling has also been extremely helpful in maintaining compliance to Medicare requirements.

“The tracking capability of Mediware Scheduling helps us clearly see why our patients are not coming in for their visits. This has really helped our therapists provide Medicare with required documentation that clearly explains why a patient is not receiving their treatment,” stated Campbell.

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