Maximize Your Revenue with a Scheduling System Built for Physical Therapy

Fill your open time slots and work more productively with Mediware’s powerful scheduling logic. You will find many features designed specifically for physical therapy — like tracking multiple insurance authorizations and cases separately.

Schedule faster

A simple right-click is all it takes to make an appointment, reschedule, and more. Plus, you can easily drag-and-drop any appointment to make changes quickly. Automatic color coding of each appointment lets you see at a glance how your day looks.

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Book complex visits instantly

Book recurring visits with multiple therapists instantly, even when the same days and times are not always available. Simply enter the clinicians and number of visits, and Mediware does the rest.

Reduce common scheduling errors

Mediware helps your hectic front desk team operate smoother. The intake screen makes sure you collect vital insurance and contact information for every new patient. The check-in screen reminds you to collect every copay. A wait list automatically helps you replace canceled appointments. No-show patients stay on the screen until they are rescheduled. Pop-up alerts remind you of special concerns, such as a patient that needs to bring in an insurance card.

Track multiple authorizations accurately

Mediware can manage multiple authorizations for a case and subtract each visit from the correct authorization. (You can also track authorizations by charges instead of visits.) By watching authorizations at the front desk, you can act faster and gain the patient’s cooperation when a renewal is needed.

Automate your reminders

You can send automated text reminders, phone reminders, and/or email reminders to every scheduled patient. With this optional service, you know every patient has been contacted, even on busy days when your staff didn’t have time to make calls. Text messaging in particular is now an effective way to prevent no-shows.

Enhance patient satisfaction with an online patient portal

The optional patient portal can link right from your website and makes it easy for patients to request a first visit, especially on evenings or weekends when your office may be closed.

Detailed reporting helps you make smart management decisions

Vital information about referral sources is always at your fingertips. You can instantly see how many referrals you are getting from each source and how each source is trending over the past few months. You can also track new patients by zip code to see where they’re coming from and spot opportunities for new marketing efforts.

Avoid high startup costs

All of these scheduling features are now available in a browser-based scheduling system. That means you don’t have to install costly servers and networking, maintain expensive software, or hassle with a long approval process. You enjoy free technical support, system updates, and data backups — all for one low monthly rate.

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