Simplify scheduling with features your HIS doesn’t have

Book complex recurring appointments fast

Simply right-click to make or change an appointment. You can also drag-and-drop any appointment to make changes quickly. Automatic color-coding of each appointment lets you see at a glance how your day looks.

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streamline your practice.

Reduce no-shows

Your front desk will get more done when you automate daily patient reminder messages by text message, phone and email (optional module).

Finish reports in seconds

Mediware also makes quick work of reporting that can take hours when done by hand. You can generate more than 120 reports covering staff productivity, resource utilization and much more — broken down by location and/or department.

Automate your reminders

You can send automated text reminders, phone reminders and/or email reminders to every scheduled patient. With this optional service, you know every patient has been contacted, even on busy days when your staff didn’t have time to make calls. Text messaging in particular has become an effective deterrent to no-shows, even among older adults.

Track therapy caps and multiple authorizations accurately

You can monitor charges made against the new Medicare Therapy Cap so that you know when a patient is no longer covered. You can also manage multiple payer authorizations for a case and decrement each visit against the correct authorization. (You can also track authorizations by charges instead of visits.)

Reduce the need for IT

A Web scheduling subscription can often gain approval faster than a lengthy software review process. You eliminate the hassles of servers and networking while you enjoy free technical support, upgrades and data backups.

Works with your current hospital IT system

Mediware has completed more than 500 hospital installations, integrating with many HIS systems. This eliminates duplicate data entry and keeps you connected with the rest of your hospital.


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