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Streamline Inpatient Scheduling and Free Your Therapists to Spend More Time with Patients

Mediware’s IRF scheduling software is designed specifically for inpatient rehab. Specific features for inpatient care and Medicare compliance help every member of your team work more productively.

Schedule faster

Book basic appointments or recurring sessions in seconds — even when the same time slot is not available each day. Added scheduling logic allows your clerical team to assign the appropriate therapist to a patient based on the procedure or diagnosis, so your therapists can devote more time to patient care.

Manage Medicare’s 3-hour requirements easily

The system automatically tracks daily treatment times and flags patients on the grid who need additional therapy to meet the 3-hour rule or other treatment requirements based on FIM scores. You can see a patient’s current amount of time on the screen or print a report of all patients.

Replace your wall board with a digital screen

A “whiteboard” option displays the schedule for a wing or department on a monitor. Various settings allow you to meet HIPAA standards for your organization while keeping everyone on the same page.

Print daily schedules with ease

Drop-down menus make quick work of printing daily schedules for clinicians, nursing stations, and more. Patients and their families will appreciate seeing the day’s schedule in advance.

Save time with patient column scheduling

You can easily find open treatment times with the help of a patient schedule column. You can see your patients’ schedules on the grid alongside their assigned therapists. The patient column view is also ideal for monitoring the up and down times of spinal cord patients or to color-code patients with specific needs, such as cardiac patients who can’t exercise immediately after lunch.

Works with your current EHR

Mediware has completed more than 500 hospital installations, integrating with a wide range of systems. Integrating with your electronic health record system reduces the need for double data entry and cuts down on costly human errors.

Avoid high startup costs

Our Web-based scheduling system eliminates the need for costly servers, networking, software, and upgrades. You reduce your reliance on IT and, in many cases, streamline the approval process by avoiding a large capital expense. Your service includes free technical support, system updates, and data backups.

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