Schedule Daily Orders in Minutes

Cut down on missed visits due to early discharges or unscheduled events

Unlike most hospital systems, Mediware acute-care scheduling software is designed specifically for rehab. Schedule your daily orders in a simple grid. Patient data from your hospital system can be imported automatically, so you spend less time on scheduling and more time on patient care.

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Reduce missed visits

Mediware connects to your hospital system to update discharges automatically. Time slots that had been held for discharged patients can be cleared by the system so your schedule is always up-to-date. Your therapists will experience less downtime and will be able to handle more visits.

Track performance in detail

Simply click a drop-down menu to print more than 120 reports covering staff productivity, resource utilization, and more. Your therapists don’t have to fill out logs, and your clerical staff won’t spend hours compiling numbers by hand.

Take down the whiteboard

Mediware’s digital whiteboard displays the schedule in a HIPAA-compliant format. Changes are updated in real time, reducing confusion. See how the digital whiteboard works.

Avoid high startup costs

All of these features are part of a Web-based scheduling system. That means you don’t have to install costly servers and networking, buy and upgrade expensive software, or hassle with a long approval process. You enjoy free technical support, system updates, and data backups — all for one low monthly rate.

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