Schedule Complex Procedures or Recurring Interventional Treatments Effortlessly

Mediware’s radiology scheduling system is quick to learn and easy to use. Simply right-click on the grid to schedule an appointment. Each appointment is automatically color coded based on the procedure, so you see at a glance exactly what’s happening.

Reduce equipment downtime

Last-minute changes are easy to manage — just cut-and-paste or drag-and-drop any appointment to a new slot on the grid. Automated features like a waiting list and recall list help you fill open slots so you maximize the return on your equipment.

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Book complex procedures instantly

Multi-step appointments involving contrast materials, time intervals, and multiple pictures are a breeze to schedule. You simply define all the steps and time intervals in the procedure and then save it to the system. Now you can schedule the entire procedure — including all the staff, equipment, rooms, and intervals — over and over with just one command.

Reduce costly no-shows and patient mistakes

You can automate text messages, phone calls, and emails that remind all patients on your schedule about their appointments. You work more productively because every patient has been reminded about what to bring, what not to eat, when to arrive, etc.

Connect multiple departments and locations

Mediware’s Web-based scheduling option makes it easy to share your schedule among various hospital departments that all require imaging or with radiologists and techs who work at multiple locations. A mobile module lets you see and update your schedule on your phone.

Track resource use with pinpoint accuracy

Managers can see the scheduled productivity level of each person and piece of equipment with the efficiency toolbar. Red or green alerts show whether you are meeting or missing your goals.

Assign techs with less confusion

Many imaging centers and radiology departments schedule patients for a piece of equipment, then simply maintain enough staff to ensure a tech will be available. This makes it harder to manage people and delegate tasks fairly. Mediware makes it easy to assign a tech to each appointment as soon as you know who is working that day.

Integrate with your EHR or PACS

Mediware has integrated with nearly every major system on the market. Patients in your system can be scheduled seamlessly. This reduces double data entry and human error.

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