Manage smarter with these 3 powerful data visualization tools

Gains insights from your scheduling system that lead to more revenue!

The latest release of Mediware’s AppointmentsEverywhere does more to streamline scheduling, reduce no-shows and increase revenue than ever before. You’re invited to a brief 15-minute demonstration to see exactly how this breakthrough system can change your practice.

1. Over 140 reports give you total visibility over your practice

You can instantly pull up reports on no-shows and the reasons for them…referrals and the trends shaping your future income…your payor mix…diagnoses…and much more. All the information is in real time, just a click away!

2. Track resource utilization right from the scheduling grid

An easy-to-read status bar gives you the latest status on the scheduled vs. available time of any provider or piece of equipment. This makes it easy to know when to divert patient traffic toward under-utilized resources.

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3. Custom scheduling views help you visualize solutions to last-minute staff changes

When a busy clinician calls in sick, you have to make complex rescheduling decisions quickly. Mediware lets you compare the schedules of your available providers side-by-side with your absent ones, to easily spot the best rescheduling options.

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