Book all the visits, staff and resources for a cycle of treatment in seconds

Booking an entire cycle of treatment one appointment at a time is frustrating and error-prone. With Mediware Oncology Scheduling, you set all the visits, staff and resources required for a cycle of treatment in one command.

Revise canceled visits in seconds

Rescheduling a series of cancelled appointments in a book or PC calendar is laborious. You have to locate and erase each appointment separately. With Mediware, all the appointments in the series appear in one window, where they can easily be rescheduled or deleted.

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Improve compliance with protocols

Trials are defined in the system and then scheduled the same way every time. This eliminates human error, ensures compliance with the trial standards and leads to more accurate findings.

Avoid high startup costs

This Web-based solution eliminates the need for servers, networking and other IT costs, so the upfront investment is quite low and you can see a positive ROI quickly.

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