Simplify the Complex Scheduling and Detailed Reporting of Autism Treatment

Mediware’s ABA scheduling system is designed for the unique needs of autism clinics and centers that face complex scheduling tasks, last-minute cancellations, endless reporting demands from funding sources, and the constant need to maximize staff productivity.

Book complex treatment plans quickly

What used to take hours can now be done in seconds! Mediware takes all the requirements of the case (therapists assigned to the client, days of the week to be scheduled, available times, length of appointments, etc.) and instantly returns sets of open time slots that fit your needs. You can schedule all the appointments with a single click.

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Reduce down time, increase productivity

Unique features help you respond quickly to frequent cancellations. For example, you can view your client’s schedule in a column alongside the schedules of all the therapists working on the case. This makes it easy to identify available times and avoid potential conflicts.

Schedule around “not available” times

You can hold times for specific appointment types, define “not available” times for a patient, and block consultant days off. You can also prioritize. If you need to reschedule a speech session and the only open time is a less important swim session, you can include those “not available” swim sessions when looking for open times.

Simplify reporting

Print schedules and time sheets that break down hours by client and funding source to make reporting easy. The system also generates more than 120 management reports covering every aspect of your organization: missed visits, referrals, resource utilization, and more.

Ideal for traveling consultants

This Web-based scheduling system eliminates the need for costly servers, networking, and software. Traveling therapists can see their schedules on the road and even map the location of their next visit.

Autism Treatment Case Study

See how this ABA facility simplified scheduling and reporting in order to focus on their clients. Read case study.

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