Simplify complex home care scheduling

Schedule with ease

Home care scheduling is easy.  The system logs activity for each individual in a separate case file, including attendance, payment information and diagnoses.

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Book recurring visits instantly

Mediware harnesses your PC’s processing power to find the best times for a series of appointments, even when the same time slot is not available each week.

Track physicians, responsible parties

A detailed patient intake screen allows you to track authorized visits, primary and referring physicians and every aspect of insurance coverage.

Reduce cancellations and ensure compliance

Built-in features like appointment reminder letters and a cancellation analysis reports will help you reduce cancelled visits. You can also add modules that automatically send appointment reminders each day by text, phone or email!

Exceed HIPAA privacy standards

Mediware complies with all of the latest HIPAA mandates and Medi-Cal requirements to ensure the privacy of your patients’ confidential information.

Enjoy the ease of Web scheduling

This Web-based system lets you see your schedule anywhere. A mobile module lets you map home visits right on your smartphone. You eliminate the high startup costs of software and networking; the service includes free tech support, free data backup and continuous upgrades.

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