Connect all your practice locations with one healthcare scheduling system

Mediware medical scheduling will keep your entire health network running smoothly, with unique features for every healthcare specialty.

Healthcare scheduling that’s easy to use

Your front desk staff will love moving to Mediware. You can book an appointment as easily as right-clicking on the schedule; you can also drag-and-drop or cut-and-paste appointments to change times or add days instantly. User-friendly check-in screens, powerful patient intake tools and automated pop-up notes help you lock in best practices that enhance patient satisfaction, no matter how busy your front desk may be.

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streamline your practice.

Connect all your people, resources and locations effortlessly

Web-based scheduling makes it easy to centralize your entire organization. You can see the schedule at another location…home health providers can check their day from the road or at home…and all your staff enjoy complete visibility of the schedule anytime, anywhere.

Keep track of every patient

Numerous features built into this comprehensive healthcare scheduling system make sure you never let clients slip through the cracks when they miss an appointment. A recall list for periodic health care procedures and a separate wait list for patients waiting for an appointment help you fill every slot on the schedule.

Manage your health care system with better information

You get over 120 reports  to manage staff productivity, equipment, new patients, no-shows and more. You can break down your marketing, physician referrals and word-of-mouth by source and patient zip code to spot the best avenues for growth.

Reduce no-shows with automated reminders

You can make it easy for clients to remember their appointments…without spending hours making endless reminder calls. The optional automated appointment reminder system reaches scheduled patients via text, phone or email.

Avoid high startup costs

All of these features are part of our Web-based scheduling, which eliminates the prohibitive cost of servers, networking and software. You enjoy free technical support, upgrades and data backups, all for one low monthly rate.


"You have a really wonderful product, matched only by your service. Can’t tell you how pleased we have been with all aspects of the software and your company. Thanks again for everything!"
Julie T. Anné, Ph.D., Founder & Clinical Director, A New Beginning, LLC