Zoom through your caseload while you enhance coding and collections

More than 200 branching-logic templates anticipate your next move as you pick-and-click your way through evals and notes faster than you ever thought possible. You can zip through common cases even faster with default-value templates that let you chart by exception.

Maximize revenue

DocuPRO works seamlessly with Mediware scheduling to ensure that every scheduled visit is documented…every treatment is captured and billed in full…and every claim matches the documentation. The result: fewer denials and underpayments.

Eliminate coding hassles

DocuPRO makes quick work of CCI edits, therapy cap tracking, PQRS reporting and G-codes for Claims-Based Outcomes Reporting (CBOR) with a powerful reviewing tool that flags any codes that may not be compliant. You can add modifiers, correct codes, adjust units and more — all in seconds. Call today to find out more!

Spend more time with patients

Detailed templates ensure thorough, step-by-step evals in less time. You don’t waste time with duplicate data entry because patient data transfers automatically from scheduling. You can even chart cases offline from home with DocuPRO’s sync feature.

Video Case Study: Rebound PT


See how DocuPRO enhances the accuracy of documentation. Watch now…

Create summaries with ease

DocuPRO converts your documentation into professionally designed reports with full sentences and detailed tables. Print directly to PDF and email physicians instead of faxing.

Improve communication

DocuPRO integrates seamlessly with Mediware’s Web schedulingWindows scheduling and patient compliance solutions — so you reduce confusion and raise the productivity of your billing department and front desk.

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