Finally — scheduling software made for dialysis

Now you can schedule pods, techs and patients at multiple locations with ease! All with a scheduler designed for the unique needs of dialysis centers!

Eliminate tedious manual scheduling

Mediware Dialysis Scheduling makes your center more efficient. The system compares the patient’s available times with your schedule and instantly delivers the best options that meet the need. One click schedules all those recurring visits as far into the future as you like.

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Maximize staff productivity

The system automatically staggers the start time for each patient assigned to a specific tech. This eliminates scheduling errors and reduces costly staff downtime.

Streamline documentation and management

The system tracks all of your organization’s activity, so you have complete documentation for every visit. You can also generate more than 120 reports on new patient growth, resource utilization and much more.

Centralize scheduling of multiple sites

You can connect all your locations to the same system to simplify scheduling and reporting. This reduces clerical hours required for scheduling and makes it easier to find available times at busy centers. It’s also ideal for large regional or nationwide organizations who can schedule patients at another location when they are traveling away from home.

Low startup cost leads to a quick return on your investment

This Web-based scheduling system eliminates the need for software, servers and networking. You enjoy hassle-free service — including free tech support and data backup — for one low monthly rate.

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