Schedule complex trial protocols with exacting precision and complete subject compliance

The high cost of recruiting subjects and gaining approvals makes it essential you get every trial right. Mediware can help you, with a scheduling system built for your exact needs.

Ensure consistent scheduling of each subject

Booking a long series of procedures one step at a time — and repeating the process for everyone in a trial group — is frustrating and error-prone. With Mediware, you define all the procedures and resources required for each step, and the precise days and times when each step occurs. Then you book a patient for the entire trial with one click. It’s fast, easy and accurate.

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Adapt to sudden changes common to early-phase, inpatient trials

When subjects are booked down to the minute, any unexpected event can wreak havoc on the schedule. Mediware makes it easy to maintain an orderly stagger between patients. You can adapt to sudden changes in many ways, from simple drag-and-drop rescheduling, to a convenient appointment view that shows all the scheduled events for a subject. The system also includes inpatient scheduling features to track beds, resource availability and more.

Manage late-stage trials involving thousands of subjects

This Web-based solution makes it easy to centralize scheduling of a large trial, or empower individual locations to do their own scheduling according to the rules of the trial. You can view activity across multiple clinics in real-time. Reports can be broken down by subject, location, region or virtually any other filter to fit your exact needs.

Improve compliance with protocols

Exact time requirements tied to each step in the trial are easily defined in the system — no custom IT work required. The system then ensures every patient is scheduled correctly, eliminating the risk of human error and ensuring compliance with trial standards.

Protect subject eligibility with numerous compliance tools

You can automate pre-writtent text/email/phone reminders to ensure subjects arrive to their appointments and complete home activities as instructed. An online portal allows patients to ask questions and re-read important instructions.

Zoom through reporting

You can easily print documentation forms and targeted schedules for the subject, physician, nurse or screener. Custom reports covering any aspect of the trial are created in Crystal Reports.

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