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Collaborate easily with scheduling built for chronic care

Promote teamwork with a web based, shared scheduling system

Appointments Everywhere makes your schedule easily accessible to everyone in your network.   Providers can see their schedule at the front desk, on a wall monitor, with a tablet, or on their smartphone — even when they are away from the office.

Schedule any appointment easily

Your staff can book patients with remarkable speed and efficiency.  When a patient needs to schedule reoccurring visits with multiple providers, Appointments Everywhere can book the entire series in seconds, even when the same time slots are not always available. Easy-to-use daily, weekly and monthly views of the schedule make it easy to plot an entire plan of care.

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streamline your practice.

Integrate easily with your HIS or practice management system

Mediware can easily share data with your HIS to eliminate duplicate data entry and reduce errors. We have extensive experience working with a wide range of hospital and health systems.

Streamline access to multiple providers with the patient column

You can put the patient’s schedule on the appointment grid alongside the providers assigned to the patient. This makes it easy to see when both the patient and the provider are available.

Simplify complex treatment plans with protocol scheduling

Frequently used protocols involving multiple visits and steps can be predefined and scheduled in one command.  All of the resources, equipment and rooms involved in any phase of the protocol are immediately booked.  This eliminates human error, and standardizes collaboration.

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