Keep your busy practice running smoothly

Features built for chiropractic enhance your profitability

Mediware gives you the unique scheduling features your front desk needs to optimize every minute of the day.

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streamline your practice.

Adapt to schedule changes without missing a beat

You can make, move and change appointments with a simple right-click. For complex recurring appointments, the system can find the best times for a series of appointments — even when the same time slot is not available each week.

Streamline patient flow through your practice

It’s easy to define common appointment types and their time lengths to simplify scheduling. You can also store detailed case data and notes about the patient, so you can pick up right where you left off with each appointment.

Multi-book several patients
in a time slot

You have the capabilities to book multiple patients in a given time slot and easily view the complete schedule; this cuts down on both practitioner downtime and scheduling errors.

Enhance patient retention

A number of tools strengthen your patient relationships, including:

  • Appointment reminders via text, phone or email (optional);
  • A patient portal lets clients request visits and see their appointments online (optional);
  • Recall and wait lists ensure patients don’t “fall through the cracks.”

Pop-up notes can be set to remind your front desk to collect co-pays or provide specific instructions when a patient arrives or departs.

Market and manage your practice more effectively

The system generates more than 120 reports covering every aspect of staff productivity, resource utilization, new patient volume, patient retention and more. You can also track referrals by source and patient zip code, to measure marketing effectiveness and identify your best opportunities for growth.

Avoid high startup costs

This lightning-fast browser-based scheduling system eliminates the hassle of costly servers, networking, software and IT maintenance. You enjoy free technical support, system updates and data backups — all for one low monthly rate.

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