Boost Teamwork and Communication with Centralized Scheduling

Connect all your people and locations without expensive networking

Now you can link all of your locations to look up patient records, check the availability of a resource at another location, and even schedule patients at any site as if you were there yourself.

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Schedule smarter

Centralized scheduling helps you make better use of your resources. You can find open time slots at another location when your schedule is packed, book complex multi-visit appointments quickly, share data with other departments, and much more. A conflict-checking feature prevents the types of scheduling errors that often occur when practitioners work at more than one location.

Streamline your practice and enhance staff cooperation

You can assign tasks to anyone at any office and track the status as well as share data from all sites with a central billing department. Your people can see the schedule from another location as if they were there themselves.

Manage your practice with detailed analytics

More than 120 reports cover staff productivity, resource utilization, referrals, and much more. Reports can be broken down by location/department or even by practitioner. An efficiency bar tracks the utilization of all your staff and resources. You see exactly how every aspect of your business is performing.

Consolidate tasks to improve productivity

You can run reports for all your sites from a single office, generate appointment reminders from one system, and more. By centralizing tasks, you work more efficiently.

Streamline your front desk operations

Mediware ensures thorough intake of every new patient, including insurance information, responsible parties, case data, and more. A powerful check-in screen ensures that no scheduled patient is ignored and every co-pay is collected. You can track authorizations by visits, days, procedures, or charges. And pop-up notes inform your front desk staff of any important issues involving each patient.

Quick to learn, easy to use

All of your locations can be up and running after just one training session. Book complex recurring appointments with multiple practitioners, locate any past or future appointment instantly, and generate dozens of vital reports in seconds.

Connect everyone effortlessly

This Web-based scheduling system eliminates the need for WANs, Citrix, or other expensive networking options. You enjoy hassle-free service — including free tech support and data backup — for one low monthly rate.

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