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Written by: Mediware on Tuesday, March 22, 2016 Posted in:

No-shows create staggering costs for any practice. Yet if your patients have recurring visits scheduled one or more times per week, do they really “forget” their appointments? PROBABLY NOT.

Remind patients about the “WHY” as well as the “WHEN”

Sure, some patients forget an appointment now and then; but far more no-shows happen when patients forget WHY it’s important to attend the appointment.Reminder calls, texts and emails only reduce no-shows if you remind your patients what they’ve actually forgotten: WHY it’s important to attend the appointment.
The “why” varies greatly depending on your field, your patient demographics and the nature of your patient’s diagnosis. Finances…conflicting priorities…pain…or simple frustration with a lack of progress can all lead to no-shows.

“We’re running a business here!”

There is nothing unprofessional about reminding clients that you are a professional. In fact, when you make it clear that YOU take your job seriously, your clients are far more likely to take YOUR CARE PLAN seriously.

When you remind patients about their appointment — whether it’s by phone, text message, email, letter or face-to-face — add these words at the end of your message:

“Please keep in mind that we have set aside rooms, equipment and paid personnel for your appointment, so it’s very important that we see you at this date and time.”

If you have a policy of charging for no-shows, include that in your message as well. Only when patients take your business seriously will you see a serious drop in no-shows.

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