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Written by: Mediware on Tuesday, March 22, 2016 Posted in:

When you hear the word paperless, what comes to mind? In healthcare we usually mean electronic healthcare records and how that affects clinicians.

But what about the front desk? Even if you’ve already moved to electronic scheduling, your medical scheduler may still be inundated with paper:

  • Faxes to and from other medical practices
  • Notes from the clinician to reach out to a doctor, patient or insurance company
  • Tasks from the office manager written on a sticky note
  • Phone messages, appointment requests and more

All of that paper costs your healthcare practice a fortune: It has to be filed and stored…it can’t be easily measured or managed…it’s easily lost or forgotten… illegible handwriting leads to costly delays…and there is little or no accountability attached to all those sheets, notes, pads and scraps.

If you can see there may be a problem, your first step is to calculate the cost of all that paper. What does it cost your practice if you lose one patient or one referral source because important to-do’s fell through the cracks? How much time does your office manager, practice owner and front desk team spend each month chasing after paper? A thorough analysis would include:

  • Costs of the actual paper, files, filing time and storage space
  • Added time spent on practice management reporting and the reports you can’t create
  • Ineffective staff management caused by lack of accountability
  • Lower productivity at the front desk.

Once you have a good idea of the total cost of paper at your medical practice, you can make informed decisions on how to invest in your front desk with tools like:

  • Office-wide task management
  • One-touch scanning and archiving of paper files
  • In-Out faxing and archiving
  • Completely automated text/phone/email appointment reminders

We would be happy to show you completely paperless solutions to these needs. See a demonstration or simply ask a question. We’d love to hear from you!

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