AppointmentsPRO is now AppointmentsEverywhere
The world’s leading patient scheduling software is now a powerful web-based application

For over 20 years, AppointmentsPRO patient scheduling software has streamlined over 5,000 clinics, hospitals and practices, helping them book complex recurring appointments, reduce no-shows and enhance service. As medical technology has changed, so has AppointmentsPRO — into the completely web-based AppointmentsEverywhere.

Just like AppointmentsPRO, AppointmentsEverywhere is quick to learn and easy to use. You can easily customize any setting or label to fit your medical specialty. You can also centralize scheduling of multi-site organizations or manage a large hospital enterprise. And you can automate text remindersphone reminders and email appointment reminders to reduce your no-shows.

Mediware (formerly SpectraSoft) has pioneered appointment software since 1993 – longer than just about anyone. So any time you need to call for support, add licenses or train new employees, you know we’ll be here. Unlike other web-based systems that make you buy a login for every user, your AppointmentsEverywhere license is based on concurrent users — the maximum number of people who will be using the system at any one time. The system supports an unlimited number of users. You may not use all 50+ scheduling features and 120+ management reports at first, but it’s good to know they are there when you’re ready.

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