Lightning-fast web scheduling cuts your cost of servers and software

When you choose AppointmentsEverywhere, you won’t pay for software, servers or IT support to enjoy simple, cutting-edge medical scheduling. Low monthly subscription terms give you a positive return on investment within months.

Make scheduling easy

You can schedule recurring appointments, group sessions, visits involving multiple resources and much more. Patient intake is a breeze too: enter multiple insurance policies, diagnoses, referrer information and much more.

Streamline your front desk

You can track authorizations by visits, days, procedures or charges…see an efficiency bar that tracks the utilization of available resources…or use pop-up notes to remind your front desk to collect a co-pay or repeat instructions for the next visit.

Grows with you

As your business expands, so will AppointmentsEverywhere. It supports an unlimited number of users and resources — and with 50+ scheduling and workflow functions and 120+ practice management reports, it’s all there when you need it.

Slash no-shows

Enhance your scheduling system to generate appointments reminders to patients by phonetext or email. You never have to lift a finger to know every patient has received a reminder.

The safest decision you can make

See why Frost & Sullivan gave Mediware its prestigious Customer Service Leadership Award! Our in-house support team will help you implement the system…show your staff how to use every key feature…and quickly troubleshoot any problem you may have.

Works on Windows, Macs and Linux

All you need is a Web browser and internet connection to access all the features of the most powerful scheduling system in healthcare!

Eliminate IT hassles

Web-based scheduling gives you the features you need without the prohibitive startup costs of servers, networking and IT services. All you need is an Internet connection — there is no software to buy and no networking needed to connect all your users.The low monthly subscription rate helps you see a positive ROI within months.

screen-mobileMobile scheduling

See your schedule anywhere on your mobile device! You can schedule an appointment or instantly task your front desk to cancel or reschedule a patient. For home visits, you can enter actual treatment time and Google-map your destination. Read more about mobile scheduling…

Drag-and-drop scheduling

You can drag appointments from one slot to another to quickly make a change. All the data associated with that appointment moves along as well. This feature works in the daily, weekly and monthly views, so you can move appointments to different days as well.

Schedule heavily booked patients

You can display patient and practitioner schedules side-by-side for patients who may have multiple treatments scheduled. This makes it easy to find available time slots in a busy office.

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