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Respiratory Features and Benefits

Clinical Documentation

  • Capture charges as a by-product of documentation
  • Facilitate compliance when documenting
  • Document multiple interventions in a single screen
  • Post multiple charges automatically within a single documentation activity

Financial/Outcomes Reporting

  • Track billing, productivity, charted vs. ordered, task audits and daily performance
  • Track patient acuity, therapy provided, outcomes that have been met/not met
  • Capture non-billable procedures for productivity tracking

Workload Distribution

  • Collate and distibute current work with orders
  • Utilize workload estimating tools
  • Redistribute workloads
  • More ccurate workload calculations with configurable N-time and PRN time allocations
  • Facilitate RVU-based flexible staffing

Orders Management

  • Manage by patient
  • Review occurences for each order
  • Monitor current delivery status of specific order
  • User specific view of orders
  • Automatically assign new orders

Financial Management

  • Support regulatory billing standards
  • Automatically capture charges directly from documentation
  • Increase charge capture/cost tracking
  • Track procedures for total productivty analysis

Ventilator Management

  • Track compliance of SBT protocols
  • Implement user-definable criteria for pass/fail analysis
  • Provide recommendations based on configurable branching logic
  • Implement evidence-based practice guidelines based on AARC standards
  • Monitor and decrease time between passed SBTs and exubations

Treatment Screen

  • View orders and taks scheduled for current shift
  • View orders/tasks assigned to specific team member
  • Visual cues provided on all orders
  • Access patient’s account, demographics, orders and charting
  • Create, view or discontinue  orders
  • Chart against a task, cancel a task or ”slide” a task
  • Automatic assignment and display of tasks following new ordres

Therapy Management

  • Track patient acuity, therapy provided and outcomes met
  • Monitor and manage increasing patient acuity
  • Assess patient acuity and outcomes
  • Track readmissions
  • Monitor MDI utilization
  • Monitor SVN conversions to MDIs

Patient Information Panel

  • Quickly view patient information
  • Customize view for specific information for more efficient documenting
  • View patient data previously documented in templates/flowsheets

Ventilator Checks by Bridge-Tech®

  • Automated vent checks reduces charting time
  • Eliminate clinician variability and typographical errors
  • Data populates into MediLinks flowsheets
  • Automatically capture ventilator chareges and reconcile ventilator tasks on treatment screen

Integration Options

  • ADT (Admissions, Discharges, Transfers)
  • Orders
  • Discrete results
  • Narrative results
  • Charges/billing
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