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Meet the Respiratory Clinical Team

Designing and implementing a Respiratory Care solution should be done by clinical representatives who’ve worked in respiratory care departments. They know the challenges, issues, successes and trials that come through Respiratory departments. That’s why when you choose MediLinks for Respiratory, we’ll match you up with someone who’s worked in your shoes.

Victoria DeGel, RRT, Business Consultant

Victoria DeGel, RRT, has been with Mediware for more than six years. Victoria started as a Clinical Consultant, but now wears a number of hats under her role as a Business Consultant. She enjoys doing training, quality assurance and project management.

Vester Gravely, RRT, Clinical Consultant

Vester Gravley is a registered respiratory therapist (RRT). He brings with him more than 20 years of professional clinical and management experience in a multi-service respiratory care department where he served in the roles of Education Coordinator and System Administrator. You’ll also see his name come across as an author of the Mediware Respiratory Blog.

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