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Recorded Webinar: The proof is in the reports: Quantify and justify your staffing requirements

The WTS (Worklist Treatment Screen) solution is the best way to optimize order management and workload distribution for your Respiratory Care department! Utilizing AARC standard-performance times based on the URM, MediLinks WTS™ willl help your department become more efficient while improving staffing processes at the same time. Optimization of workload distribution promotes patient safety and the best use of your most expensive resource, your staff. The comprehensive report package will provide the data you need to effectively align your workforce to your workload, as well as tools to trend historical workload demands, estimate staffing requirements by shift, and make modifications through the shift as the workload changes.

Join Mediware’s Victoria DeGel, Business Consultant; and Vester Gravley, RRT, Clinical Consultant, as they walk you through these powerful new reporting features.

Attendees will:

  • Learn how to manage the relationship between workload and workforce using AARC recommended RVU-based flexed staffing;
  • Recognize the benefits of automated workload distribution; and
  • Be introduced to data-based tools available with MediLinks WTS™.

Who would benefit from watching?

Respiratory Clinicians, Directors of Respiratory Care and Chief Financial Officers will benefit from watching the webinar.

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