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Presenters: Victoria DeGel, RRT, Business Consultant and Darren Manley, RRT, Product Manager

Watch the webinar as we walk you through a brand new product, designed to optimize order management and workload distributions at your respiratory care department. Workload Management and implementing Best Practices for Productivity and Staffing are often one of the toughest challenges for respiratory therapists. Meeting AARC standards-performance times based on the URM can be difficult to manage. With MediLinks WTS™, your department will be more efficient, your staff will be more effective and you’ll improve the processes within your department. It’s the first industry tool provided to meet your specific workflow needs! MediLinks integrates with all Hospital Information Systems to give you a workflow specifically for your needs. View the recording to discover this budget-friendly tool that offers a great return on investment!

The powerful features included:

  • Worklist generator for making assignments;
  • The treatment screen for workload management;
  • Individualized worklist and management reports;
  • Integration capabilities with your Hospital Information System.

Who should watch?

Respiratory Clinicians, Directors of Respiratory Care and Chief Financial Officers will benefit from attending the webinar.

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