Integrate with your vents to save time, reduce errors

Data-entry errors often lead to inaccurate reimbursements. That’s why MediLinks retrieves data electronically, right from the vent to eliminate costly errors. We’ve partnered with device connectivity provider, Bridge-Tech Medical, to ensure your ventilator data is always current and most importantly, accurate.

Reduce your chart time with automated ventilator checks

  • Increase staff efficiency by eliminating manual 8-minute ventilator checks that can take up to two hours of valuable treatment time from a therapist’s day
  • Automatically capture billable and non-billable activities
  • Document in real-time at the point of care

The MediLinks Advantage

“MediLinks is an extremely smooth running application. Coupled with the excellent MediServe support team, it sets MediLinks apart from other systems I support. It’s truly a winning combination!”

Rick Warren,
Systems Administrator, Akron General Medical Center

Ensure accurate data and quality outcomes

  • Eliminate clinician variability and typographical errors when documenting ventilator checks
  • Quickly identify and address inconsistencies by setting thresholds and limits for any parameter
  • Validate data before accepting imports into MediLinks Respiratory
  • Automatically reconcile the occurrence
  • Stream data, send data at specific time intervals, capture on-demand or do a combination of all three
  • Compare current vent reading to previous readings and see highlighted values out of range

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