Respiratory Software Solution: Respiratory Therapist

You were trained to follow a specific workflow so wouldn’t it be nice to find a solution that meets your every need and was designed by clinical experts? You’ll have access to a workflow, reporting tools and protocols that meet your needs for providing respiratory care. Designed for respiratory care providers, MediLinks Respiratory software will help you meet these unique challenges.

Simplify Your Documentation Process

  • Eliminate redundant documentation by using a system designed for respiratory therapy
  • Organize the volume’s of ‘’to do’s’’ throughout your day by using a task-based workload management tool
  • Effective communication of changes to the assignments
  • Interface with your hospital information system in order to retrieve and provide valuable information to the rest of your organization
  • Easily access all relevant patient records electronically

Stay Ahead of Compliance Standards

  • Receive step-by-step guidance while documenting to ensure important regulations are met
  • Receive ongoing software updates and workflow suggestions designed to help you quickly respond to regulatory changes
  • Determine which charts were interrupted and still need to be signed