Respiratory Software Solution: Executive/Management

Running a Respiratory Unit is no small feat. From quantifying staffing needs objectively, to reduce overtime and making workload assisgnments more efficient, you have a full plate. That’s why we’ve designed a software solution that will help improve your therapists’ workflow while meeting the unique needs specific to respiratory care providers. Our integration capabilities let you implement a solution that helps your staff do the job they were trained to do, follow compliance specific to respiratory standards, while still sharing information with the rest of your organization.

The MediLinks Advantage

“MediLinks offers a comprehensive package to address documentation of respiratory procedures. This has allowed us to automate respiratory
protocols and capture valuable data; which we’ve been able to pull into reports to help us more effectively manage our operation.”

Mickey Roach, RRT, Systems Administrator, University of Utah

Manage Your Bottom Line With Data

  • Control and justify costs by reviewing department revenue, number of procedures performed and work units required
  • Measure performance by tracking treatments that were ordered, completed, cancelled or missed
  • Prepare budgets by summarizing historical charges, dollar amounts, performance time, and work units
  • Monitor compliance by tracking missed treatments by patient, doctor’s order, task time and reason for missed therapy

Objectively Determine and Justify Your Staffing Needs

  • Manage treatments based on physician orders
  • Automatically convert each treatment into an estimated time to treat using the AARC Uniform Reporting Manual
  • Determine respiratory staff management needs in advance based on the estimated treatment times of your current workload
  • Find opportunities to reduce overtime – saving your facility money

Improve Your Patient Outcomes

  • Create, implement and ensure compliance with respiratory protocols
  • Apply ready-to-use protocols designed with evidence-based practice guidelines from AARC or create your own
  • Monitor effectiveness of care, readmission rates and goals met by discharge
  • Reduce ventilator length of service by monitoring SBTs, reintubation rates and duration from SBT pass to extubation