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Streamline your department with templates and workflows designed for respiratory care

Now you’ll have the tools to control the quality of your data capture, while charting more effectively and improving your charges at the same time. We’ve designed MediLinks Respiratory specifically for respiratory care providers.

The MediLinks Advantage

“With MediLinks, documentation is a lot faster. It allows our therapists to spend more time on treating patients, and less time on documentation.”

Jim Perrine

Manager/Mediware Systems Administrator, Cabell Huntington Hospital

Produce Consistent and Accurate Electronic Documentation

The guessing game goes away with your team and you can expect better data within your documentation templates

  • Strengthen compliance with built-in safety measures to protect your team.
  • Don’t waste time with redundant documentation – data transfers automatically from one template to another, making your life easier.
  • Seamlessly integrate with virtually any Hospital Information System
  • Enforce protocols in the care delivery and documentation process
  • Capture more detailed patient information for measuring and reporting clinical outcomes
  • Immediately implement documentation templates and respiratory workflows specific to respiratory care that have already been tried and tested at the most respected hospitals in the country – pulmonary rehab and other specialty templates have already been created

Improve the Accuracy of Your Charges

You’ll see more accurate charges when your team is all on the same page.

  • Ensure billing integrity by automatically capturing charges as a by-product of documentation and reporting clinical outcomes
  • Capture non-billable procedures for productivity tracking
  • Track your procedures for total productivity analysis by day, month and year

Situation Background Assessment Recommendation (SBAR) Documentation Solution

  • Standardize communication of shift-to-shift hand-offs
  • Review and document patient history, current assessment, plan of care, goals and discharge needs.
  • Give your team members easy access to SBAR flowsheet
  • Drive communication and support for physician rounds
  • Print SBAR documentation for individual work assignments

Are you struggling with COPD readmissions?

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