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Transform reams of data into meaningful, actionable information

Have the right information at your fingertips with tools to help transform your piles of data into useful, meaningful and actionable information. Our reports cover the full spectrum of management needs including clinical outcomes, business results and financial data.

Performance management

See the big picture! Get a better handle on your revenue, staff productivity and performance

  • Manage and justify costs by reviewing department revenue, number of procedures performed and work units required
  • Measure performance by tracking treatments that were ordered, completed, canceled or missed
  • Manage workload trend by shift or date
  • Prepare budgets by summarizing historical charges, dollar amounts, performance time and work units by work area or other division

Compliance management

You’ll have the tools you need to ensure you’re following all the rules and regulations

  • Ensure patient safety by listing all orders by status (active, discontinued, expired and completed)
  • Monitor compliance by tracking missed treatments by patient, doctor’s order, task time and reason for missed therapy
  • Report on ventilator days and duration of therapy, including average calculations

Therapy management

  • Predict respiratory staffing needs based on actual workload (orders)
  • Monitor and manage patient acuity
  • Assess acuity and outcome of patients at discharge
  • Track readmissions
  • Monitor MDI utilization
  • Monitor SVN conversions to MDIs

See a full view of your financial, business and clinical data with MediLinks Respiratory.

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