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Reduce ventilator length of stay

Patients recover faster and costs are greatly reduced when healthcare providers effectively manage Spontaneous Breathing Trials (SBTs). Using SBTs to determine if a patient is ready to breathe on their own is the key to reducing a patient’s time on a ventilator and ultimately, the patient’s length of stay.

Effectively manage Spontaneous Breathing Trials (SBTs)

  • Instantly follow evidence-based practice guidelines from the AARC using pre-built templates
  • Identify and coach physicians and therapists that struggle to complete SBT qualifications and trials
  • Determine and advise physicians and therapists that consistently delay extubation
  • Monitor number of spontaneous breathing trial (SBT) attempts and actual trials
  • Help decrease your incidence of VAP by viewing and monitoring results of vent bundle documentation

Gain valuable insight into your SBT outcomes

  • Ventilator Length of Service (VLOS)
  • Time from trial pass to extubation
  • Reintubation rates
  • Average length of time from initial setup to first SBT

 Want a better way to manage your SBTs?

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