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Reduce Costs and Ensure Optimal Staff Levels at All Times

MediLinks WTS assigns Respiratory Therapists based on Relative Value Units – helping you properly staff your department. The AARC reports that a staffing system based on RVUs can reduce costs by $250,000 per year in a typical 400-bed hospital.1
  • Automate workload distribution and facilitate RVU-based flexible staffing
  • View and update all patient orders on a single screen
  • See real-time stats on current and future shift requirements based on AARC’s URM time allocations

The MediLinks Advantage

“With MediLinks, a manager can take a significant daily workload and assign it to a large staff of therapies efficiently compared to the other methods I’ve seen.”

Mickey Roach

Systems Administrator, University of Utah

Eliminate the Guessing Game of RT Staffing

You’ll always know how many therapists you need for each and every shift – now and in the future- based on your current workload intensity. As a result, you avoid costly overstaffing that can consume a significant portion of your annual budget. A daily RVU-based staffing system is the best way to manage these costs. You also free up supervisory time by automating the manual process of orders management and workload distribution.

Make a Stronger Case for Your Respiratory Department

Don’t understaff your department and put patient safety at risk. Doing so often results in missed or late treatments. To meet the Medical Hospital Care Conditions of Participation, there must be an adequate number of respiratory therapists with patients. MediLinks WTS arms you with indisputable numbers based on the widely accepted measure of RVUs. This will help you make a stronger case to add therapists, reducing liability concerns while ensuring proper patient care.

Respond to Changes in Real-time

Those paper assignments become outdated minutes after they are printed. With MediLinks WTS, you gain:

  • Real-time updates from your hospital’s EMR
  • New admissions with orders, order updates, patient transfers and discharges — all on one screen for the therapists to view
  • Simple staff task reconciliation from a single screen
  • Task reallocation based on up-to-the-minute workload data

MediLinks WTS is a stand-alone feature from MediLinks 2013 Respiratory. Fill out the form to learn more about this solution which will help you reduce costs and ensure proper staffing for your department.
1 Grady D. and Smith T. Healthcare Cost Reductions Using a Daily, RVU-based, flex-staffing system for a respiratory care department. Respiratory Care, 2011 (Abstract) Oct.; 56(10):1703

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