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Determine staffing levels based on real-time data

Whether you are receiving pressure to lower your staffing levels or just want to make sure your patients are receiving the care they need, MediLinks Respiratory Staff Management will help you determine the right amount of staff you need. A sophistiated analysis of patient census and acuity gives you the precise amount of staffing hours you need to cover each shift.

The MediLinks Advantage

“With MediLinks, a manager can take a significant daily workload and assign it to a large staff of therapists efficiently; compared to the other methods I’ve seen.”

Mickey Roach

System Administrator, University of Utah

Objectively Determine and Justify Staffing Needs

Now, there’s a better way to know just how many therapists you need for every shift

  • Manage patient care based on your physicians’ orders
  • Automatically convert each of your treatment orders into an estimated time to treat using the AARC Uniform Reporting Manual
  • Determine staffing needs in advance based on the estimated treatment times of your current workload
  • Find opportunities to reduce overtime- saving your facility money

Make Shift Assignments a Breeze

Need to make a quick change to your shift? MediLinks Respiratory works in real-time; changes are made with the click of a mouse!

  • Easily make staff assignments and manage workload based on estimated treatment times
  • Quickly review or redistribute the you or your teams workload for future shifts
  • Assign work by patient orders or area
  • Gain greater insight and report on staff productivity
  • Establish historical staffing patterns to estimate future needs of your staff
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