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Written by: Vester Gravley on Thursday, August 20, 2015 Posted in:

Within a one week period the AARC’s “Industry/Professional News” section has listed three divergent MERS related stories:

July 3rd from the Daily Mail: “Fears new deadly virus in Middle East could go global…”

July 8th from the Lancet: “MERS unlikely to cause pandemic – for now…”

July 9th from Reuters: “Two more die in Saudi Arabia from MERS coronavirus”

A Google search for “MERS” reveals 58,600 results demonstrating a similar pattern of titles in conflict. It seems by some accounts that the situation could easily be poised to go pandemic. Some play down any disastrous consequence. At the very least the sheer number of related news stories indicates a great level of concern worldwide.

The World Health Organization is undeniably working hard to understand and contain this menace. But the lack of clarity from different sectors regarding the threat level is leading to doubt and uncertainty regarding the true threat posed by MERS. Until there is more definitive direction from WHO and other world leaders the challenge for those on the front lines of patient care will be to stay courageous and stay vigilant!

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