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Written by: Vester Gravley on Thursday, August 20, 2015 Posted in:

The American Hospital Association’s Physician Leadership Forum’s recommended competencies for the “Next Generation of Health Care Delivery” comports well with the AARC’s recommendations from the 2015 and Beyond second task force conference.  The stated goal of this conference was “to identify specific competencies needed to assure safe and effective execution of RT roles and responsibilities in the future,” including both new graduates and respiratory therapists working in the field in 2015.

Sixty-nine competencies in seven specific categories were identified as required.  The categories include:

– Diagnostics

– Disease management

– Evidence-based medicine and respiratory care protocols

– Patient assessment

– Leadership

– Emergency and critical care

– Therapeutics

The AARC recently approved the recommendations. Integrating the proposed competencies at all levels of preparatory and ongoing training is essential if we are to meet the challenge of maintaining a sufficient number of respiratory care professionals with the high level skills set demanded by these recommendations.

Get onboard now! The change train is picking up speed! We’ll take a closer look at the recommended competencies in a future post.

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