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Written by: Vester Gravley on Thursday, August 20, 2015 Posted in:

Closely associated with the ‘heal in place’ motif is the whole space devoted to “home remedies” or as it is known in other circles “alternative medicine.” I have been ruminating for some time now on how the current metamorphosis in traditional healthcare might bring alternative healthcare practices and providers to the fore.

A recent Huffington Post article lauds the practice of the “curanderos” (healers) of Latin America as commonplace in the health and treatment of the community; noting that “while alternative medicine gains popularity in the U.S., Latin American cultures have relied for centuries on home remedies to cure their ailments.”

As healthcare in America changes; as there are more insured patients accessing the system and fewer providers to handle the influx; as hospitals continue to see reimbursements fall and work to stem readmission rates; out of the ensuing melee, I believe many will begin to turn to alternative types of care to find aid and relief from alternative care providers.

While this will certainly provide opportunity for charlatans and mandates some level of oversight, given the proper guidance and perhaps even some modicum of evidence-based training, I wonder if the role of the curanderos might be one of the missing links in the chain of improved community wellness and reduced healthcare cost.

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