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Hear what our clients have to say about Mediware Rehabilitation Solutions

Our business is a success because of the invaluable clients we get to work with everyday. We’ve developed relationships with therapists, directors and administrators that help make our solutions even more powerful.

Improving Compliance and Communication

Learn how Janet Herbold, VP of Post-Acute Services, has used MediLinks EMR to increase staff communication and remove inpatient regulatory burdens.


Standardization Documentation Across Hospitals

Learn how Sara Schuette, Director of Service Line Development, has used MediLinks EMR to standardize documentation across multiple inpatient and outpatient hospitals.


Increasing Efficiency and Charge Capture

Learn how Amy Sudduth, Assistant Director of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, has used MediLinks EMR to increase efficiency and ensure revenue isn’t being left on the table.


Improving Patient Engagement and Compliance

Learn how Cathy Dwyer, Vice President and CIO, has used MediLinks EMR to help the rehabilitaiton senior leadership team make best decisions, and stay ahead of regulatory changes.


Increasing Compliance and Optimizing FIM Scoring

Learn how Laurie Lehnhof-Watts, Assistant Administrator, has used MediLinks EMR to remove subjectivity from functional scoring, and stay up to date on inpatient regulatory changes.


Increase Inpatient Efficiency and Revenue

Learn how Krin Gresen, Director of Rehab Services and Weight Management Services, has used MediLinks EMR to streamline inpatient clinical processess to increase efficiency and revenue.


Flexible EMR Increases Patient Engagement and Maximizes Efficiencies

Learn how James Favre, Application Analyst, has used MediLinks EMR to maximize efficiencies across the inpatient hospital.


“Because of the level of detail we now have attached to the IRFPAI scores, we’re a lot more confident in our patients’ scores.”

Lisa Mantaro, Manager of Inpatient Therapy, Baptist Rehabilitation- Germantown

“Charting at point of care frees up the therapist at the end of the day when they just want to go home!”

Janet Herbold, Senior Administrator, Burke Rehabilitation Hospital

“The ease of functionality in MediLinks made it possible for therapists and nurses to contribute to the documentaton process and provide a much more accurate picture of the patient’s true burden of care.”

Nancy Hughes, Manager – Admissions / Clinical Care Coordination / CM, St. Luke’s Rehabilitation Institute

“The department manager and I use the MediLinks tool in different ways.  He depends on it to consistently determine accurate functional measurement scores which, in turn, help us stay fiscally viable.”

Scherri Kayrouz, Clinical Outcomes Coordinator, Baptist Health Louisville

“We were experiencing significant errors in our monthly manual audits, so we spent a large number of hours monitoring for accuracy. With MediLinks, our charges are accurate, our process is efficient, and we save on staff hours with the auditing process.”

Linda Webber, Clinical Director, Saint Thomas Midtown Hospital

“Being able to monitor authorizations electronically and in real-time is a huge advantage versus our old paper method. Our staff now has a tool that tracks the visits and impending expirations.”

Julie Sexton, Director of Rehabilitation, Florida Hospital Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine

“Before MediLinks, each therapist would be burdened with manually tracking authorizations for treatments on top of caring for patients. MediLinks tracks authorization for our therapists so that they’re free to concentrate on their patients.”

Roselyn Cera, Director of Rehab, Saint Elizabeth Health Center

“We had a great improvement in charge capture. The MediLinks solution assures that we charge an accurate, appropriate amount.”

Robert Patterson, Director of Rehab Services, Central Vermont Medical Center

“One of the biggest things we noticed immediately was the ability to have the charge capture built into the documentation and then automatically sent to billing.”

Doug Culbert, Administrator, Orthopaedics and Pain Management Service Line, Riverside Regional Medical Center

“Tracking the 3 Hour Rule has become so automatic and easy to look at on a daily basis. It’s just amazing how we were able to completely transform our process with MediLinks!”

Laurie Lehnhof-Watts, Assistant Administrator, East Texas Medical Center

“MediLinks Outpatient is 100% built for compliance, which makes our business better equipped to handle continuously changing regulations.”

Cindy Griffith, Clinical Documentation Specialist, Mount Sinai Rehabilitation Hospital

“We can quickly look at the patient’s day, compare it to 20 different therapists’ schedules and reschedule patients in no time. This alone helps manage LOS because the patients get the full amount of therapy they’re scheduled for everyday.”

Cathy Ellis, AVP Clinical Services, MedStar National Rehabilitation Hospital

“With MediLinks, it’s a lot easier to track and see the overall IRFPAI scores clinicians are inputting into the system. Just by looking at a flowsheet, we can pinpoint scoring inconsistencies and know where we need to provide more scoring education for our staff.”

Billie Kester, Director of Acute Rehabilitation, Reid Hospital and Health Care Services

“In MediLinks, we can easily follow a patient’s progress on a daily basis. The trendlines the reports show makes it easy to see when a patient’s treatment plans needs to be modified according to the patient’s needs.”

Bipin Patel, Medical Director, South Georgia Medical Center

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