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Mediware has developed numerous relationships with industry organizations throughout the past 25 years. These partnerships make for a more positive experience for you. We are committed to striving for excellence and improve the quality of MediLinks products.

AMRPAFlatirons Practice ManagementFOTO®PhysioTools
Mediware is a yearly sponsor of the American Medical Rehabilitation Providers Association fall conference and spring executive forum. The AMRPA events bring together inpatient rehabilitation leaders from across the country. Mediware team members have presented several presentations at AMPRA events over the past years.
Flatirons Practice Management gives MediLinks users a fully outsourced billing option that’s proven to increase profitability and shorten payment cycles. Everything from claims submission to appeals and patient inquiries is handled for you. Data flows seamlessly from MediLinks to Flatirons so there’s virtually nothing to think about! Flatirons functions like an extension of your team – providing superior service to your patients and appealing any denial or underpayment with diligence and expertise.
Mediware partners with FOTO to integrate an outcomes solution with MediLinks Rehab Documentation. Mediware’s MediLinks® rehabilitation software and FOTO’s Web-based outcomes functionality are integrated, allowing customers to better measure patient outcomes and improve the quality of care. The integration incorporates MediLinks demographic information information, management of G-codes and provides the outcomes information to be included as part of the chart. Customers can examine patient episode information within the MediLinks software and, at the same time, leverage FOTO’s ability to measure patient outcomes and benchmarking tools.
Mediware partners with PhysioTools to help streamline workflow within MediLinks Rehabilitation. With the partnership, clinicians can open PhysioTools from MediLinks and easily create, manage and provide specific exercise programs for the patient in real-time. MediLinks for OP and PhysioTools offers workflow and proactive tools that supports the clinician in capture and tracking of required patient management, as well as patient engagement. These workflows and tools allow the organization to promote a quality patient experience from the initial visit to discharge.
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