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The new assessment creates daunting challenges for your IRF.
Here’s your roadmap to success…

The new IRF-PAI takes effect October 1st. Before it does, you will need to make some major adjustments to the way you run your facility. The new assessment features many changes:

  • 140 new data elements
  • New scales and measures (scores now have multiple meanings)
  • New cognitive, behavioral and functional assessments  
  • A new baseline score before therapy
  • New rules for scoring and selecting scores that can be submitted

These changes will affect the way you assess patients…manage collaboration among therapists, nurses, and your PPS Coordinator…and submit to CMS. Therapist productivity could decline if you don’t plan in advance.

You don’t have to go it alone!

Download this free roadmap that will answer many of your questions and guide your IRF-PAI planning. (Yes, you will need a plan!) This comprehensive resource gives you:

  • Quick-reference summary of the changes
  • A detailed analysis of the impact it will have on your staff
  • Reference links for complete regulations direct from CMS

The burden of learning an all-new assessment instrument, will prove challenging for your organization. However, being unprepared could be devastating! Fill out the form at right to download your free copy of “Prepare for IMPACT.”

FREE Download: </br><em><small style=”font-weight:normal; font-size:20px”>”Preparing for </br>IRF-PAI 2017″</br>&nbsp;</small></em>


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