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Accurate patient assessment and the impact it has on revenue have always weighed heavily on the shoulders of anyone who has a financial interest in delivering inpatient rehabilitation patient care. Find out how using clinical decision support technology can positively impact the accuracy of patient assessment and reimbursement.

Mediware conducted an analysis that included 27 IRFs/IRus and 37,500 Medicare patients across the United States to find out the effect of clinical decision support technology. Overall, the analysis proved that standardizing IRFPAI assessment has a positive impact on the management of patient assessment, Medicare reimbursement and validation of medical necessity for all payers.

Download your copy of this white paper to learn more about:

  • The IRFPAI assessment challenges that exist in today’s environment
  • The impact and results of adding structure to the assessment process
  • The solutions available to help your organization overcome the challenges of IRF patient assessment
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