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White Paper: Functional Limitation Reporting (G-code) Trends

A Data Compliation of Mediware’s G-code Conversion Calculators

Mediware’s G-Code Modifier Calculator was designed to add convenience and consistency to the requirement of performing calculations and converting assessment scores to severity code modifiers as dictated by CMS’ claims-based data collection strategy for Medicare Part B claim submissions. Mediware created the conversion calculator to help score and report patient status appropriately. The calculator has been available online since January 2013 and as a downloadable app for iPhones and Android devices since September 2013. This report covers a time span involving more than 58,000 interactions to convert over 100 standard clinical measures used for severity modifier conversion.

Download your copy of this white paper to learn more about:

  • The utilization of the 100+ assessments available on the G-code app and online conversion calculator
  • The most popular functional measurements
  • Professional preferences and their use
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