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Recorded Webinar: What We’ve Learned Post July 1


Presenter: Darlene D’Altorio-Jones, Senior Consultant, and Rob Aldrich, Manager of Clinical Services

Now that G-codes have been implemented and most facilities have submitted for monthly billing, it’s time to review and discuss the process, the impact and how other regulations are affecting the outpatient environment. There will also be a recap and discussion of areas still questioned after July 1. We’ll also showcase tools and reference guides to assist in following this regulation.
Presenters will cover:

  • Medicare Part A denials on admissions status patients (CMS 1599-F);
  • Observation status and G-code documentation;
  • Acute admit outpatient interruptions;
  • CBOR denied claims survey discussion (Take the Survey!).
  • Who should watch?

Any inpatient or outpatient therapy provider including private practice owners, hospital directors and managers, skilled nursing and home health (part B) providers.

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